Lake Geneva Repeater

Author: kc9eeq - Published 2017-09-07 14:25 - (1901 Reads)
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The latest FM38 repeater went on the air over the Labor Day weekend in Lake Geneva, WI.

Frequency is 441.525MHz + Same tone as the rest of the network 123.0Hz.

Tower is not super big (225’) but the ground elevation above sea level is a very impressive (1170’). This puts the antenna at almost (1400’).

We are looking forward to some folks providing coverage reports as they travel through the area. Already have nice reports from Brad KC9EUU, Tom N9BBG and Howard KC4ZYC.

Many thanks to the guys that assisted during the installation!
Steve N9FSE, John W9VG, Cory KB9BNA.

73, Emil N9FBF and Bob N9GMT

New Iola Repeater Online

Author: kc9eeq - Published 2017-03-15 21:15 - (2076 Reads)
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New repeater added to the FM38 collective!

We have just finished upgrading the Iola 443.600+ (114.8) repeater.

This system is owned by Chuck AC9F and Brian KB9ZPK. They expressed an interest in linking to the FM38 network so we spent some time installing an AllStar interface into the donor Motorola repeater.

Hardware consists of a Raspberry Pi computer, DMK Engineering USB Radio Interface, CAT200 controller and MSF5000 repeater.

Green Bay Repeater Status

Author: kc9eeq - Published 2017-01-27 15:28 - (2080 Reads)
GB1 512

The Green Bay Repeater build is well underway!

Most of the hardware is installed including the S-Com 7330 repeater controller, duplexer, power supply, circulator etc.

Bob has been busy modifying and tuning the GE Delta radios which are used throughout the system to keep the audio clean and consistent.

Next is point to point wiring for control and logic and then building all the rf cables to interconnect the various radios to duplexer, amplifier, etc. Expect that to be done in the next few weeks and then we fire it up and do all the audio level setting and tweaking. The expectation is that all this work will be complete and ready for a burn-in by mid February.

New Madison Repeater Online

Author: kc9eeq - Published 2016-11-27 23:42 - (2462 Reads)
Madison Tower View
The new Madison repeater (444.475) was installed over the weekend and seems to be working well. The repeater antenna is at 385’ overlooking Madison, should provide excellent portable coverage. We have already had mobile reports from Janesville which is pretty cool!

Many thanks to John W9VG and Brad KC9EUU for providing extra muscle and assistance during the installation.

73, Emil N9FBF and Bob N9GMT

Projects slated for 2006

Author: John Flanagan - Published 2006-01-16 00:17 - (4833 Reads)
  • Upgrade controller speech synthesis on 443.800.
  • Add 2M remote base to 443.800.
  • Re-deploy 444.950 Princeton/Berlin repeater after rebuild. (Completed 2/26/06)
  • Antenna work at 443.800 transmit site.
  • Deploy Rockford, IL repeater.

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