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Commonly asked/answered questions about the FM38 repeater network.



Question: Where does the name "FM38" come from?
Answer:  FM38 is derived from our main repeater frequency, 443.800 (3.8) and the fact that we of course use FM as our mode.
Question: Is FM38 a club?
Answer:  No, the FM38 repeater is owned and maintained by N9GMT and N9FBF. We also have affiliate repeaters that link to us via AllStar. There are many dedicated long time personnel that provide technical assistance, tower work and spare equipment. About a decade ago we used to keep a roster, make newsletters, had public functions and sort of acted like a club. Sometimes people would even donate to cover administrative costs. We soon learned that if there is no club, people can't complain as much. If free isn't good enough - spin your dial.
Question: What are FM38's goals
Answer:  We plan to link about a dozen or so UHF repeaters together in the eastern half of Wisconsin. We plan to cover where our core users go, not try to cover the whole state. We will strive for technical excellence and innovation.
Question: Who can I direct specific questions to?
Answer:  Try sending email to Emil N9FBF good on QRZ or leave a Contact Us message. We will do our best to answer your questions.
Question: How many sites do you currently have?
Answer:  The 443.800 Milwaukee repeater has twelve (12) receive sites, a hub site and a transmit site. There are also currently fifteen (15) linked UHF repeaters with more planned.
Question: Is FM38 an open or closed repeater?
Answer:  Open, of course be aware that you are using multiple repeaters and not a local simplex frequency. It is designed to provide wide area coverage for hams that normally would not be able to communicate. When possible QSY to a local repeater or simplex to minimize network traffic.
Question: Does FM38 support VOIP technology like AllStar, IRLP, Echolink?
Answer:  We use AllStar primarily for linking between repeaters that are too far for away a dedicated RF link. Anyone is welcome to connect to our AllStar Node (2495) if they so choose. If you have a need to connect to another repeater that supports AllStar call for a control operator and they can create the connection for you. Steve N9FSE and Emil N9FBF are good choices for these requests.
Question: What activities or Nets do you host?
Answer:  FM38 Hosts a technical discussion net on Thursdays at 9PM. Net control is Dennis KD9BWB. We also link to the MAARS 145.13 repeater via AllStar on Wednesdays at 9PM for the swap-net and propagation forecast by N9FSE & N9YNU.
Question: What are the link or site ID's for the FM38 network?
Answer:  Remote Receive Sites
  • C [dah dit dah dit] Central/West Allis
  • W [dit dah dah] West/New Berlin
  • B [dah dit dit dit] Brookfield
  • N [dah dit] North/Slinger
  • S [dit dit dit] South/Kenosha-Racine
  • E [dit] Community site at 10/36)
  • F [dit dit dah dit] Franklin
  • Z [dah dah dit dit] Near the Zoo in Wauwatosa
  • A [dit dah] Allenton/Baraboo/Fond du Lac/Oshkosh/Ripon/Green Bay
  • D [dah dit dit] Delafield Repeater
  • M [dah dah] Madison Repeater
  • V [dit dit dit dah] (KA9VZD Trevor Repeater)
  • I [dit dit] Internet] (AllStar)
  • L [dit dah dit dit] Lake Geneva Repeater
  • P [dit dah dah dit] Plymouth Repeater

Question: What repeaters are linked to the FM38 network?
Answer:  As of 03/01/2021

443.800+ Milwaukee, WI
442.350+ Allenton, WI
444.600+ Fond du Lac, WI
443.625+ Oshkosh, WI
444.950+ Ripon, WI
444.500+ Baraboo, WI
444.475+ Madison, WI
440.300+ Delafield, WI
442.800+ Green Bay, WI
441.525+ Lake Geneva, WI
442.700+ Plymouth, WI

442.600+ Trevor, WI * (WI/IL State Line Near I94) This systems is owned and operated by Rick KA9VZD. Linked to FM38 from 7AM-10PM unless otherwise authorized by KA9VZD.

443.600+ (114.8) Iola, WI. This system is owned and operated by Chuck AC9F and Brian KB9ZPK. Linked to FM38 via AllStar most of the time.

442.625+ Rockford, IL Equipment and site provided by FM38. Trustee is Ron W9FT

442.425+ (114.8) Wisconsin Rapids (W9MRA Mid-State Repeater Association)

443.825+ (114.8) Chicago IL. This system is owned and operated by Brian W9BMK

We also link to Steve WB9STH in Texas (Former Cheese Head) via AllStar

Most repeaters require 123.0Hz CTCSS for access.

On the drawing board for 2021

  • New/Upgraded receive sites for Milwaukee 443.800 system
  • New site identification system to provide additional info for active links on the Milwaukee 443.800 system

Question: Can I use my GMRS callsign on FM38?
Answer:  No, FM38 is a Amateur Radio repeater. Amateurs technician class and higher have access to FM38. To find testing information for Milwaukee, click here

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