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Network Problem

Emil Devcic - 2009-03-30 12:31 - (8504 Reads)
Some users of the system contacted me last Friday about a problem accessing our northern repeaters. It was determined that the problem was at our Allenton repeater.

Transmitter failure

John Flanagan - 2008-04-11 01:40 - (7980 Reads)
Please be advised, the FM38 transmitter failed Wed night around 9pm.
FM38 may be down until Saturday.

Make Your Computer Run Better

John Flanagan - 2007-09-28 18:16 - (6993 Reads)
A program on this topic will be presented at the October meeting of his West Allis Radio Amateur Club by Stan Kaplan, WB9RQR. Each of Stan’s Seven Ways To Make Your Computer Run Better will be broad brushstrokes and he will elaborate on each one. You’ll recognize Stan as the author of the Computer Corner series of articles that have appeared in Badger State Smoke Signals for the last 10 years or so.

Don’t miss this chance to hear Stan in person and be able to ask him questions!

The WARAC meeting is at 7:30PM on Tuesday, October 9 at St Peter’s Episcopal Church, 7929 W Lincoln Ave in West Allis.

Please use the rear entrance (off the alley).

FM38 Receive Site Status

John Flanagan - 2006-01-15 12:40 - (6950 Reads)
Remote receive site "F" (Menomonee falls) is down. This site will not be brought back up because we have decided not to renew our arrangement with the tower site owner.

Remote receive site "U" (UWM/Milwaukee east side) site has been temporarily disabled due to an observed audio level imbalance with the other sites. We will re-enable it as soon as the audio levels are re-adjusted.

FM38 Transmit Site

John Flanagan - 2006-01-06 22:52 - (6993 Reads)
Hi Folks,

Emil will be uploading some pictures he and Bob took on Saturday as they worked to repair the $1.98 fuse holder that was the culprit in the FM38 outage last week.

Speaking of photos, if anyone has some interesting photos to share on this site, feel free to upload them to your personal MyTiki/My Files area and send a message to Emil or myself (kc9eeq) and we'll help you make them available.

Kc9eeq clear!

FM38 Repeater Update

Vladamier - 2005-01-07 02:52 - (26264 Reads)
Hi Gang, been a while since I've sent any repeater updates. 2004 was a busy year with work and house projects taking precedence over repeater adventures. Not that we didn't do a few things such as;

  • Built and installed a new repeater in Baraboo. Took a few trips to iron out a failed preamp and other bugs but it is working great now.
  • Installed a new link beam and 250' of 7/8 line at our North receive site.
  • Replaced/upgraded the repeater antenna at Fond du Lac. (Pictures on FM38.org)
  • Various service calls by myself, Bob N9GMT and Dave KA9FUR to fix busted/melted/worn out items :-)

Hopefully we will get a few more things done this year such as;

  1. Build and install a new repeater in Rockford, IL
  2. Move the Princeton 444.950 system from it's current 70 ft.ham tower to a 400 ft. commercial site north of Ripon.
  3. Add a voter and remote receive site to the Baraboo 444.500 system.
  4. Upgrade several Milwaukee remote receive sites with cans and preamps.
  5. Install a new amplifier at the Fond du Lac 444.600 system.
  6. Lots more behind the scenes re vamping projects.

New FM38 Web Site!

System Administrator - 2004-12-09 02:39 - (7731 Reads)
Hi Folks,

If you're a little confused by what you see here or are simply wondering what this site will become when it grows up, you're not alone!

In the short-term we'll be tinkering with new web technologies in an effort to support the FM38 repeater network and Amateur Radio operators at large. In the long-term we hope this site evolves to become an invaluable resource to fellow hams and at the very least, a place to share ideas and information.

Check out our FAQs, Image Galleries and Links Directory.

Don't be shy!
If you have something to say or contribute, please send us a message.

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